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Career Resources for Alumni

Dear Tepper School of Business Alums,

If you are visiting this section of the Tepper Alumni web site, chances are you are exploring your career options. The Careers portion of the site is designed to give you a step by step guide that will assist you in this next phase of your career exploration. It is meant to be simple and not too overwhelming—we realize our alums lead busy lives! 

You will notice that these steps call on many of the same principles you learned while you were in business school, including:  creating a solid resume, researching companies and creating target company lists, networking and preparing for interviews. We’ve chosen what we believe to be the most relevant resources for you to refer to as you follow the steps below. Hopefully they will serve as a review of the things you learned while you were in school.

As always, once you’ve completed these steps, and if you feel it necessary, we encourage you to reach out to the COC with any questions you may have.


Step 1: Alumni Code of Conduct & Symplicity

Step 2: Accessing Compass

Step 3: Resume Preparation

Step 4: Set up an Appointment with the COC

Step 5: Networking

Step 6: Cover Letters

Step 7: Interviewing

Step 8: Quick Links


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