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Student Organizations

Tepper School offers our top-ranked business undergraduates outstanding opportunities for leadership in a wide variety of student organizations.

Business Technology Club (BTC)
The Business Technology Club brings together the computer science, information systems, and business interests of Carnegie Mellon students in order to foster knowledge, network with company recruiters, and promote business technology events.

Carnegie Mellon Business Association (CMBA)
CMBA is an officially recognized organization and seeks to prepare students for the professional world of business through etiquette dinners, business fashion shows, and information panels.

Undergraduate Consulting Club (UCC)
CMU Solutions is a small diverse group of 10-20 students from various disciplines across Carnegie Mellon University. CMU Solutions gives students from all programs and majors the opportunity to gain real-world work experience and to improve business/technical skills in the field of consulting.

Enactus (Formerly Students in Free Enterprise / SIFE)
Enactus stands for Entrepreneurs in Action for the greater good (us). This organization focuses on empowering local and international communities by applying business knowledge and strategies.

Financial Frontline Society (FFS)
The Financial Frontline Society offers a forum for news discussion to all Carnegie Mellon students interested in business. By acquiring a substantial amount of knowledge of the business world, students learn more about real-world finance, better preparing them for interviews and jobs. Events include weekly news discussion, industry analysis and article writing.

Tartan Student Fund
Tartan Student Fund is an undergraduate student organization focused on managing an investment portfolio. We provide learning materials and lectures to improve our analysts' market and securities knowledge, while examining trading options and strategies for utilization in portfolio management.

Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Association (UEA)
UEA is a student-run organization dedicated to promoting the entrepreneurial spirit at Carnegie Mellon through competitions, business development, and networking with community entrepreneurs.

Undergraduate Finance Association (UFA)
UFA’s mission is to prepare students with the tools needed for a successful career in financial services. To this end the Undergraduate Finance Association maintains a network of friends on Wall Street who can share their experiences with members, creates simulations that allow students to prepare for real world scenarios, and hosts discussions with faculty, alumni, and companies.

Undergraduate Investment Club (UIC)
UIC is an officially recognized organization on campus that brings together Carnegie Mellon students with interests in investing or trading.

Undergraduate Marketing Organization (UMO)
The Marketing club provides opportunities for students to interact with professionals in both business and education. Students participate in a variety of marketing activities.

Student Organized Career Fairs

Business Opportunities Conference (BOC)
A career fair planned, executed and organized by Tepper School undergraduates, the BOC offers unparalleled opportunities for students to directly apply their business education to career development, promotion and event marketing.

Policies and Procedures

Please download and read Undergraduate Business Student Clubs Policies and Procedures.

Point of Contact

Rubab Jafry O’Connor will serve as liaison between the UBA and the Undergraduate Student Clubs. You may contact her for all matters related to club events.

Tel: 412-268-8549
Office: Room 135

Club Forms

Download PDF below and complete all application information.
Please save the form(s) with the appropriate club name and date as the document title.
Email form(s) directly to Rubab Jafry O'Connor.

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