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The Undergraduate Economics Program encourages students to consider enriching their undergraduate experience by studying abroad at some point during their undergraduate tenure. Studying abroad is widely defined as either study, work, internship, volunteer, and research opportunities abroad during your college career. Studying abroad provides students with not only more awareness of cultural literacies, but it further enhances their education by providing them with the opportunity to compare and contrast different economies and regimes.

Please consult the Study Abroad Office for more detailed descriptions of types of programs available and the mechanics of applying to a study abroad programs. Recall that as an undergraduate Economics student, you qualify for both Carnegie Mellon study abroad scholarships and study abroad scholarships available to Dietrich College students.

If you are interested in discussing how a study abroad opportunity would fit into your curriculum, please contact Dr. Goldburg. For your consideration, a list of colleges and universities that the Economics and Finance faculty consider top-notch is presented on this site. Interested students should also contact Jaycie Galbraith, the Study Abroad Advisor for Economics students.

Dmitry Nulman in Frankfurt

Dmitry Nulman wearing his Carnegie Mellon Economics polo shirt in front of the German Stock Exchange in Frankfurt (June 2006).

Masthead Photo: Milan from Above taken by Daria Maximov (Study Abroad at Universita Commerciale Luigi Bocconi, Fall 2007).

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