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Ceremony Order and Processional

Index Card Pick-Up

Upon arrival at Soldiers and Sailors, visit the check-in tables under the tents on the patio, where you will receive your completed index card with your name, address and correct pronunciation.

Important: The address and phonetic pronunciation you provided through an evite has been printed on your name card. If you did not provide your address, you can do so when you pick up your name card on Saturday.

You will carry this card with you into the Hall and present it on-stage when you come up to receive your scroll. Please do not lose this card!  (Actual diplomas are distributed after the ceremony)

Note: For PhD candidates, regarding filling-out your cards/information, please follow instructions from Lawrence Rapp, your commencement coordinator, as to his method of gathering/collecting this information and distributing these index cards to your group. It is important that you have in your hand a completed index card, prior to walking across the stage.


You will line up behind two Grand Marshals in three single-file columns which will extend through the foyer. Please pay attention to staff announcing when it is time to line up.

Left Column – Faculty, PhD students,  MSCF students and then MBA

Middle Column – MBA

Right Column – MBA

By using the index card system, you are free to line up in any order, and sit with your friends. Keep in mind, those who wish to sit together should line up in front/behind each other. Please try to stay close to the graduate in front of you as your process into the hall.

Also, please pay attention to the staff, who will provide further instructions and direct the processional into the building. We do not have professional ushers, so please be attentive to the designated people who will be directing you to your row.

The Dean will lead the processional followed by faculty. Once faculty are on-stage, the students will enter the hall in three columns led by two designated Grand Marshals.

Ceremony Order and Processional

The order of the ceremony is as follows:

  • Welcome from the Deans
  • Keynote speaker TBA
  • Awards Presentations
  • Diplomas given out in order: PhD,  MSCF, then MBA
  • Recessional (faculty exit the stage, followed by students again lead by Grand Marshals)

When it is time for the degrees to be presented, you will approach the stage by rows. (Staff will be directing each row to the stage.)  As you step on to the stage, hand Wendy Hermann your name card. When John Mather announces your name, you will walk across the stage to Dean Dammon; shake hands, accept your scroll and have a photo taken. You will then continue across the stage; descend the steps; have another photo taken and then return to your seat.

At the conclusion of the ceremony, graduates will proceed to the marked area in the foyer to pick up diplomas. Please direct your guests to the post-ceremony reception, and do not bring guests to the diploma pick-up area. Staff members and volunteers will be handing out the diplomas. Signage on the tables will indicate PhD, MSCF and MBA.

No diplomas will be given out prior to the end of the entire ceremony.


After the ceremony, unclaimed diplomas are turned over to the University. Graduates must then contact the Hub to receive their diploma. Diplomas cannot be picked up from the HUB for several weeks after graduation. We are not permitted to give out any diplomas other than at the ceremony on Saturday.


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