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Software and Hardware


All licensed software can be found at All other software questions please contact the Computing help desk at (412) 268-5881.

Software Debugging and Repairs

The Tepper Computing Group provides assistance for upgrading and repairing software.

Reporting Computing Problems

If you have any problems with hardware or software in one of the Tepper computing clusters, please inform the Tepper Computing Group. To do this:

  • Call the Tepper Computing Help Desk (412) 268-5881, or
  • Send us an E-mail, or
  • Inform a member of the Tepper Computing Group, or

Inform the Help Desk consultant in Room 12.

Most hardware and software problems are fixed within 24 hours after the Computing Group is aware of them.

Hardware Debugging and Repairs

Tepper employs one full time hardware technician, Tom Bielek. The hardware technician repairs computer equipment owned by Tepper. Most problems can be solved within 24 hours. Tepper also has arrangements with other vendors if outside repair or maintenance is required. If your equipment malfunctions, please report the problem to the Tepper Help Desk (412) 268-5881.

Hardware Library

The Faculty/PhD. hardware library consists of computer equipment that may be reserved in advance. This equipment may be used for work at off-campus sites or special projects. In addition, you may also request that specific software be installed on the equipment before you pick it up. Equipment must be reserved in advance to guarantee its availability.

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