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Alpha Club Mashead 2008

Trading Competitions

Alpha members are able to participate in a number of trading competitions to test their trading strategies. Historically, four trading competitions are held during the year. Two Long Short Trading Competitions in Mini 2 and 4, and two Market Makers trading competitions in Mini 1 and 2.

Long Short Trading Competition

The Long Short Competition is an equity only, long-short competition in which participants develop trading strategies to arrive at the most return over a 2-month or longer period. The S&P 500 and S&P 600 Small Cap are used, giving students 1100 stocks to chose from.

Market Makers Competition

The Market Makers Competition is a 2 hour trading competition in which the participants "make the markets". These competitions focus on decision making under stress; calculation and uncertainty. An ideal trading competition for those interested in the trading side of the industry. The first trading competition focuses on equities and bonds, while the second trading competition has a focus on derivatives and other financial products.


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