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Kai Wei, President

Five years ago, Kai got into China aerospace industry when he got his bachelor degree from Beijing Institute of Technology. Working as an aerospace engineer makes him passionate of high-tech industry and any unknown thing of the universe. During his working experience, he participated in dozens of significant and exciting programs, such as manned spacecraft and lunar exploration, which molded him into a person with many precious qualities like prudence and tenacity. Kai is also an easygoing guy full of passion about life, family and friends. He is into technology, but also art and literature. He is prudent, but also emotional and sensitive. He loves photography, which helps him to perceive the beauty of the world. He also loves sports, which makes him a person with strong willpower. He would love to share his experience, life philosophy and insights with everyone, and he is always ready to give a hand to others, showing his support and enthusiasm.


Masaki Okita, Vice President of External Relations

Masaki Okita is the Vice President of External Relations of the Asian
Business Association. Masaki graduated from Kyoto University, Japan
with a Master of Informatics in Communications and Computer
Engineering. Prior to Tepper he worked at NTT Communications as a
Product Manager in the Cloud Service division. Masaki is pursuing
concentrations in Operations, Finance, and International Business at


Gary Cheng, Vice President of Career Development

Gary Cheng grew up in Taiwan, one of the heavens on this planet. In such environment, Gary developed his friendly and unselfish personalities. He enjoys working for people. Since high school, he joined student organization as a Section Manager of Events. After that, he was the Director of Public Relation when studying in National Taiwan University and was Information Director in Taipei Rotaract Club, an international organization engaging in charities, when he graduated from school. Gary received bachelor and master degrees in engineering fields and joined in a consumer electronic company for four years. His job was to design and manufacture something really exciting and innovative, such as a fancy dancing robot. He loves it. Outside of engineering, he is very interested in the financial markets. He trades futures and options for Taiwan Index and conducted valuation analysis of small-caps companies for a private equity firm. Not only networking in the U.S., he also endeavored to Asia network, which might bring additional values. He joined Hong Kong trek and was a planner of China trek. Now, he is the first Student Ambassador at Carnegie Mellon University for HTC global internship program and pursuing a chance to serve ABA members in terms of bring more fun and arranging beneficial recruiting events.




Rachel Hwang, Vice Presidents of Events

Rachel Hwang comes from Taiwan and earned her BA degree major in Economics and minor in Anthropology in National Taiwan University. During her school year, she actively participated in various club activities. She was the cellist in National Taiwan University Symphony orchestra and in the meantime supported running the orchestra by keeping the account book, and arranging concerts on campus and in National Music Hall. She demonstrated her leadership while she was the captain for department table tennis team. During her tenure, she actively recruited new members to join the team, redesigned training schedule, and ultimately led the team to win the first place in champion among national Economics department teams. Prior to Tepper, she worked for IT and manufacturing industry in Taiwan for three and half year. Despite working in fast-paced environments, she still devoted herself in organizing several activities such as the company’s vendor parties and team building events within the business unit. At Tepper, Rachel is the member of Asian Business Associate (ABA) Club and helped on Asian week cooking event. Besides, she took initiative to host Meet and Greet in Taipei in 2012 winter vacation. With 17 Taiwanese prospective students signing in for the Meet and Greet in Taipei, she is able to help them applying for Tepper MBA program and build network with potential Asian Business Associate new club members in the upcoming year. Outside of the class, Rachel enjoys exploring different culture, travelling, and cooking. She would like to leverage her experience and bring her passion to different culture to run for the candidacy for the VP of events in ABA.



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Weiman Ma, Vice Presidents of Events

Weiman Ma earned her B.S. in Finance and Mathematics from Stern Undergraduate Business School at New York University. Weiman has experienced the excitements and challenges as an Asian student pursuing academic and career goals in the United States. She hopes to organize events to strengthen ties among ABA members and help members better achieve their academic and career goals. Weiman can leverage her expertise in budgeting for and organizing school events accumulated through experience as treasurer, business assistant, orientation leader, and debate team captain of school clubs and organizations to contribute to ABA events. In her spare time, Weiman enjoys doing kendo, Tai Chi, and yoga.




Eve Yang, Vice President of Marketing

Eve Yang grew up in Taiwan and earned her B.B.A. major in accounting at National Taiwan University. Throughout her school years, she actively participated in many student club activities, sports teams and school activities. During high school, she was the vice president of the promotional activities in honor guard. Her responsibilities were to design promotion ads, raise club’s fund by designing a series of souvenirs, and manage the recruiting activities for first-year students. While at university, she worked as an activity organizer for the departmental recruiting camp held for potential students. She also demonstrated her teamwork skills while participating in collegiate soft-tennis team and departmental softball team. After graduating from university, she joined PwC and worked as an auditor for two years. During her time at PwC, she developed her leadership skills and communication skills while intensively working with clients and cross-functional teams and managed a variety of complex audit projects. Besides her professional experiences, she also volunteered at Huashan Welfare Foundation in Taiwan and Food Bank in Pittsburgh. Currently she’s actively helping perspective students in Taiwan, and she’s looking forward to an opportunity to contribute her strengths to Asian Business Association.




Peter Tran, Vice President of Finance

Peter Tran earned his bachelor’s in engineering from James Madison University. Afterwards, he went to work for International Business Machines (IBM) as a consultant in the Global Business Services (GBS) division. In that role, Peter led teams to disseminate Census Bureau data to the general public. After the 2010 Census, Peter pursued an opportunity at Edgesource Corporation to work for the US Army aggregating data on global military assets to support military intelligence and military operations. In addition, Peter directed a non-profit in Washington DC to improve its technology and reduce costs. In his spare time, Peter enjoys reading and competing in sports such as basketball and softball. Peter is close with his family and continues to mentor his four siblings. At the Tepper School of Business, Peter is pursuing concentrations in Finance and Operations.



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Qian Chen, MSCF Representative

Chen Qian is the MSCF representative of the Asian Business Association. She graduated summa cum laude from the University of Pittsburgh with a double major in actuarial mathematics and economics, along with certificates in Asian studies and global studies. She was also the student ambassador at the University of Pittsburgh Asian Studies Center where she represented the center in multiple Asian Conferences and helped organizing biweekly speaker series with the Pittsburgh Confucius center.

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Vivian Wang, New York Campus Representative



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