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The South Asian Business Association (SABA) is a student organization founded in 2001. SABA is geared towards supporting students not only during their time at Tepper, but also towards building relationships and forming networks that last a lifetime. SABA keeps the spirit of South Asia alive, and hosts festivals like Holi and Diwali, engaging the entire Tepper community. Professionally, through the annual India Trek and professional development workshops, SABA facilitates networking with the external business community and creates opportunities for employment in emerging markets.


Become a part of the SABA community and take part in all the exciting events we have planned for you!

To join, click on the following link to pay membership dues online. You can also pay cash and get a $5 discount.

Club membership dues are:

  • $40 - One Year
  • $65 - Full Term ($5 discount when paid in cash)(Two years/Flex-time as the case may be)
  • $80 - Flextime 3 years

If you have any questions, please contact any of our board members.

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