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Printing in New York

Installing printers on  Windows 7:

  1. Open StartControl PanelDevices and PrintersAdd Printer
    This brings up the Add Printer Wizard
  2. Select Add a network, wireless or Bluetooth printer
  3. Windows will search the CMU network for all available printers and list them as they are discovered. All three of the campus printers should appear. Now select the printer you like to install and it will install automatically. You can chose whether or not to make it your default printer and print a test page.
  4. If Windows does not have a driver available for the printer, you will be prompted for a driver. Please select Windows Update. Windows will then download the appropriate driver (This process usually takes a few minutes), Then you may select the correct driver and finish the installation.


Table 1 – Network Printers

      Printer Name



Ricoh MP 5002

Rec Room


          Kitchen 2 (Near NY3)

HP P4015

         Kitchen 1 (Near NY2)


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