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Part of the strength of the Business Technologies program derives from the Tepper School's emphasis on interdisciplinary studies.

The program draws on resources within the business school and throughout the university. As a matter of history and current practice, students are encouraged to relate their academic preparation in business technologies to other functional areas of business such as marketing, finance, accounting, organizational theory, and manufacturing. As exemplified by faculty research and teaching, a culture of interdisciplinary cooperation and shared learning at the Tepper School is firmly established.

Apart from more traditional learning experiences, students here are afforded additional opportunities for integrating knowledge of business technologies with other functional areas by affiliating with the various research centers at the school. These facilities provide students with opportunities to examine important, technology-related problems in field settings under the guidance of research faculty in business technologies and related areas. In addition, the business technologies program has established strong ties with industries that are leaders in information systems. Practitioners speak at business school seminars, and student and faculty members have frequent opportunities for site visits and projects.

At the university level, students have easy access to excellent academic resources in other areas at Carnegie Mellon, most notably Computer Science, Psychology, Social and Decision Sciences, and Engineering. Students also benefit from their associations with faculty and staff at the university's outstanding research organizations, such as the Robotics Institute, the Software Engineering Institute, the Information Networking Institute, the Human Computer Interaction Institute, Carnegie Bosch Institute, and the Institute for Electronic Commerce.

In comparison with other institutions, the Tepper School's program is relatively small. The current business technologies student to faculty ratio is approximately two to one, facilitating close working relationships among students and faculty members.

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