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Simon Award

The Herbert A. Simon Doctoral Dissertation Award in Behavioral Research in the Administrative Sciences is awarded each year at the Tepper School's diploma ceremony.    The award is for behavioral science research applied to the problems of administrative behavior, an area which Prof. Simon's research helped to define and to develop.

1995:  Robert Austin
1996:  Lucien Randazzese
1998:  Sally Sleeper
1999:  Hisashi Yamagata
2002:  Carter Butts
2003:  Eleanor Lewis
2004:  Sean Crockett
2005:  Aimee A. Kane
2006:  Jian Xue
2007:  Daylian M. Cain
2008:  Darron M. Billeter
2009:  Cynthia Cryder
2010:  Sharique Hasan
2011:  Meng Zhu
2012:  Uriel Haran
2013:  Ishani Aggarwal
2014:  Nazli Turan

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