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The Carnegie Mellon Leadership and Negotiation Academy consists of six 2-day modules which run September 2014 through March 2015.

Modules focus on the development topics below. Download a brochure for program dates.


Negotiation Masterclass

  • Ask yourself: What do you want? Why do you want it? What are the obstacles to getting it? Recognize opportunities to negotiate, eliminate anxiety, feel entitled to get what you want and avoid social consequences that inhibit good outcomes for you and your organization. Explore negotiation and organizational obstacles that women in particular face and provides an executable protocol for planning and executing most negotiations.

Understanding and Negotiating your Leadership Brand

  • Proactively create a more accurate, appreciative, and complex understanding of your personal and professional value. Cultivate and hone your unique leadership identity moving forward.

Leadership and Authority

  • Understand the unique challenges that women leaders face and sharpen your own leadership skills through better decision-making, greater influence and more effective motivation strategies. Examine the basis of women’s reluctance to claim the authority to lead, and the repercussions that arise from it. Learn how to enhance your negotiating power despite societal and organizational barriers.

Building Capacity to Drive Results 

  • Use social competence, self-regulation and self-awareness to effectively negotiate and manage internally and externally. Identify triggers and strategies to overcome emotional disasters and make conflict work for you. Examine how generational values, cultural touchstones, management style, work ethic and technology can divide teams and organizations. Explore opportunities to capitalize on differences and to optimize diversity in groups.

Communicating with Impact

  • Achieve executive presence, project authority, command respect, and build strong and lasting relationships. Manage your visibility, gravitas and communication style for maximum effectiveness in the workplace.

Understanding Power & Influence Networks

  • Learn how to identify and navigate your organization’s internal networks to better understand how they influence performance, promotions and decision-making. Assess the adequacy of your existing and potential network ties in achieving your strategic career goals.

Conflict in Teams

  • Explore the role of power, rights and interests in negotiations. Understand conflict in teams by examining how perceptions of tasks, processes and values contribute to this discord and provide solutions or strategies for agreements.

Navigating Financial Impact and Decision Making

  • Build literacy and decision making skills for financial and non-financial participants. Enhance understanding of capital expenditure significance and improve capital expenditure analysis and business justification. Deepen understanding of the principles of shareholder value, its key value drivers and the role that management plays in its creation and enhancement.

Innovating to Build Business

  • Assume the role of change agent, explore the innovator’s mindset, gain leadership insights for driving growth and new business models. Explore workplace examples and applications, including game changing technologies.

Evidence-based Management

  • Identify, access and use accurate and reliable evidence to make more concrete, research-supported decisions for your business or organization.

Download a brochure for 2014/2015 dates.

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