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Center for Marketing Technology and Information

The Center for Marketing Information and Technology (CMTI) was created to focus on cutting-edge marketing practices. Marketing has seen a significant transformation over the last decade. Communications vehicles have changed from television and print to web and consumer initiated communication systems. Facebook, Twitter, and other innovations have led to far more complex communication strategies required of firms. Online shopping has led to rapid growth of customer databases and the uses of advanced data-mining techniques to tap the information available in these databases. Mobile technology linked to smart phones is changing when and how firms will try to influence consumers and customers.

With these changes transforming marketing, the center works with the broader university community and firms to develop knowledge and practices to assist in the rapidly evolving field of marketing. By having experts at the university and the Tepper School in data mining, graphical interfaces, mobile communications, and organizational design, the center serves as a nexus to link these various disciplines with practitioners, students and other academics to understand and drive new concepts and approaches to marketing.

The Evolving Digital Marketing Frontier

The Internet has significantly changed marketing and has altered the key elements of the marketing mix: pricing, branding, advertising, distribution and promotions. This one-day conference addressed how the internet will continue to change marketing and how internet marketing will evolve into the future.

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