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Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship E-Newsletter

About the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship E-Newsletter

The Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship E-newsletter is a one-stop e-news source for updates on Carnegie Mellon's exciting student, faculty, and alumni entrepreneurial news and events. Our quarterly E-Newsletter goes out via e-mail, and you can always find the current and past editions right here.

  • Fall 2013 E-Newsletter

    Fall 2013 E-Newsletter


    The Fall 2013 E-Newsletter features LaunchCMU Pittsburgh, the Tepper Quadrangle, 36 companies that spun out of CMU and an interview with Henry Thorne, founder of 4momsi...and more!

  • Summer 2013 E-Newsletter

    Summer 2013 E-Newsletter


    The Summer2013 E-Newsletter features Launch|CMU, Open Field Entrepreneurs Fund Cycle 3 recipients, and an interview with Boris Sofman, founder of Anki...and more!

  • Spring 2013 E-Newsletter

    Spring 2013 E-Newsletter


    The Spring 2013 E-Newsletter features the new Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, the McGinnis Venture Competition, Project Olympus' Show & Tell, and an interview with Steve Martocci, co-Founder of GroupMe...and more!

  • Winter 2012-2013 E-Newsletter

    Winter 2012-2013 E-Newsletter


    The Winter 2012-13 E-Newsletter features the Don Jones legacy, a sneak preview from the Directors, and an interview with Aditya Agarwal, co-founder of Cove..and more!

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