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It seems that New York City has spent a great deal of time in the news since September 11th, 2001, with "security" a key issue. In many ways, New York is no different than any major city in the US - there is some crime, sure, but there is also an amazing law enforcement organization. The police presence in New York City has certainly grown since 2001, which makes most of us happy. Crimes rates are down, the streets are safer and the overall sense of a strengthened community make NYC a more comfortable place to be. And New Yorkers are, for the most part, a friendly, approachable bunch. They are likely to give you their life story along with directions.

The 55 Broad Street campus, with it’s close proximity to the NYSE, enjoys a heightened level of security for which we are grateful. There is a twenty-four concierge in the lobby, and admittance to the building is by issued electronic building passes only. Although most of the businesses in the immediate area are closed by the time classes let out in the evening, the streets are well patrolled and very well traveled, with area restaurants still bustling into the wee hours of the morning.

NY Climate

Ah, New York City weather. Let’s just say, we get it all! It’s hot and humid in the Summer, cold and slushy in the Winter, and Spring and Fall are gorgeous but fleeting. Average Summer high temperature is about 82.6 degrees, and the average Winter low temperature is 22.2 degrees. New York City doesn’t usually get the same amount of snowfall as it’s neighboring suburbs to the West and North but you will definitely be wanting your wool coat, hat and gloves. And Summer in the city finds many a pedestrian popping in and out of stores just for the air conditioning. But regardless of the climate there is always something “cool” (or hot) to it ice skating at Rockefeller Center or Central Park, or taking in the sights and an ocean breeze at Coney Island, New Yorkers are a busy bunch and they don’t let the weather slow them down.

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