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Transcripts And Supporting Documents

Transcripts, official records and supporting documents of all academic work from each college or university attended, showing courses pursued, grades received, comprehensive examination results, and diplomas or certificates awarded, must be submitted. All international transcripts must include a degree certification sheet, indicating name, the degree earned, and the date the degree was completed.

If the original documents are not in English, official translations must be included. Translations that are obtained locally and notarized are also acceptable. Translations must be given in terms of their exact original designations, not in terms of their supposed equivalent to a United States degree.

If the official records provided by the institution indicate your performance on the basis of scores achieved on comprehensive examinations and do not include a listing of courses taken in preparation for such examinations, you should provide this information. You should prepare a detailed report of the specific subject areas in which you have been examined including, if possible, the hours per week of lectures and laboratory periods devoted to each course in each academic year of your university work to date. This document should be certified by a university official.

If you are accepted for admission to the Tepper School MBA program and have not completed all of your undergraduate work at the time the application was made, you must, before matriculation into the program, submit the completed academic records and certification that your undergraduate degree has been awarded.

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