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About The Mini

Our mini-semester system - now duplicated by most other top business schools - splits the typical semester system in half, creating four mini-semesters per academic year.

  • 6.5 weeks long
  • Students typically take 4 - 5 different courses each mini-semester
  • Provides exposure to a wide range of topics

The mini gets students off the blocks very quickly, and this approach quickens the pace of discovery that allows students to hit the ground running. It’s one reason our students perform so well during their internship. Many MBAs return from their internships with job offers for the following spring.

What makes this rigorous structure so effective? Our small class size ensures that the school’s practice of integrating teamwork throughout the MBA experience becomes a necessary exchange of ideas and learning. We believe everybody brings something to the table. The diversity of professional backgrounds and experiences combined with high expectations of academic performance ensure each student is prepared to capitalize on leadership opportunities they will find throughout their careers.

A Recruiter Favorite

We work closely with more than 250 companies that range from multinational Fortune 500 corporations to highly specialized niche companies. The small size of our student population provides a key advantage relative to the breadth of the recruiting and interview opportunities.

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