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We recruit students who demonstrate leadership potential and have a desire to make an impact in their organizations and society. Tepper MBAs are renowned for exceptional analytical skills, and this particular strength is leveraged by alumni in their leadership and management roles. Although our program is rigorous, we ensure student success through a variety of academic, student and career services.

Applications for the Tepper FlexMBA online MBA degree are currently being accepted for Fall 2013 Academic Year. We encourage individuals interested in a blended online, on-site MBA format to review the application guidelines and submit applications at their earliest convenience. MBA Admission decisions are made at specific intervals through the spring and early summer.

Online MBA degree classes are conducted during evening hours in the United States (both Eastern and Pacific time zones). Although students based in North America are most likely to be able to attend these weekly class times, there is no geographic restriction for students, provided their schedules can accommodate the weekly class schedule.

Successful Tepper FlexMBA candidates represent a wide variety of backgrounds and profiles. We encourage potential students to focus on the range, rather than specifics, when reviewing test scores and specific information. The GMAT middle 80% range for our most recent part-time on-campus class was 580-704. While our most recent part-time, on-campus class has a high proportion of students from engineering/science backgrounds, we are seeking candidates from all academic disciplines, and in a typical year, half of our students come from non-technical backgrounds, and we are seeking those types of students as well for our online MBA program.


Though our standards are high and our admissions process is very competitive, our ideal student does not fit a rigid profile. We welcome students from diverse academic, professional and personal backgrounds and seek exceptional individuals who have made an impact on whatever path they have chosen. We examine all components of your MBA application to gain an understanding about you as a candidate. Our admissions committee is interested in your potential for academic success at the Tepper School and professional success in the future. We evaluate your reasons for applying to the Tepper School, as we want to be sure that your background and goals are consistent with our strengths. We seek students who are highly motivated, tenacious, self-directed and innovative and who demonstrate a strong work ethic. Personal competencies such as communication, interpersonal, teamwork and leadership skills are among other key considerations.


Watch our FlexMBA video to learn how the flexibility of distance learning can advance your career.

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Learn more about how cutting-edge, real-time technology tools combine with onsite networking to accommodate study from wherever you might be located.

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Join us for an information webinar or meet members of the Tepper MBA Admissions Team in a city near you.

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Our admissions team is happy to assist with the application process. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

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