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Tuition for the FlexMBA program is $116,160* for students entering Fall 2014. This amount, which is the total amount of tuition for the program, is charged on a per-unit basis and includes meals and accommodations during Access Weekends. Students purchase their textbooks and pay their own travel expenses to and from each Access Weekend location. The following amounts assume enrollment of 12 units per mini.

Year One: Minis 1 and 2 $14,520
  Minis 3 and 4 $14,520
  Minis 5 and 6 $14,520
Year Two: Minis 1 and 2 $14,520
  Minis 3 and 4 $14,520
  Minis 5 and 6 $14,520
Year Three: Minis 1 and 2 $14,520
  Minis 3 and 4 $14,520
Total:   $116,160*


**based on 192 units at a tuition rate of $605 per unit.

Visit our website for details about university fees and other estimated costs for 2014-2015.


Loan Options

All students who meet eligibility requirements for federal aid (US citizen or permanent resident, have no federal loans in default, enrolled in 18 or more units of coursework, etc.) may borrow federal loans, regardless of their income. For more information visit the Tuition & Financial Aid website.

Dedicated Graduate Financial Aid Office

The Tepper School has a dedicated financial aid office for graduate students with an experienced staff who understand the unique challenges many graduate students face in financing their education. Whether you need to bridge the financial gap between costs and employer tuition benefits or you have little or no resources and need to finance 100% of your degree on your own, you’ll find a friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful advocate in the Tepper School Graduate Financial Aid Office to provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions about your educational financing.

Contact Financial Aid

Phone: 412.268.1242
Fax: 412.268.2904

Estimated Cost of Attendance

View a detailed estimated cost of attendance for the FlexMBA program.

Sponsored Students

Learn more about tuition payment options for sponsored students.


The Tepper School of Business proudly volunteers its participation in the Yellow Ribbon Program.

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