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Your Professional Development

Whether your interest in an MBA is related to exploring new career paths or advancing in your current job, the skills you gain from the Tepper FlexMBA program will be highly sought after throughout your career.

You’ll gain an intellectual agility that understands complexity and is comfortable approaching unstructured problems. We often hear from recruiters that Tepper MBAs are rare among their B-school peers, and our graduates understand that executives and managers are not entitled to leadership – it’s earned. We believe that leadership is earned by demonstrating exceptional analytical and leadership abilities that advance organizations worldwide.

Accelerate Leadership Center

The Accelerate Leadership Center is the school’s hub for student leadership assessment, coaching and immersion programs. Part of your graduation requirement is participation within the Accelerate Center’s leadership and communications programming. FlexMBA students will be introduced to the Center at Orientation and revisit leadership plans during Access Weekends. In addition, online resources, such as reading materials, videos and live chats will be available tools.

In Year One, FlexMBA students will complete an online Leadership Assessment that results in an action plan for professional development. In Year Two, FlexMBA students will begin their year with a Leadership Immersion workshop that builds on their leadership action plan with specific material that broadens their exposure to best practices, cultural leadership training and leadership methods.

Access Weekends – Career Panels & Workshops

Every two months, during your Access Weekend schedule, you will have access to our global alumni network. During orientation, we will introduce you to “Compass,” our online alumni directory, which will assist with searching and connecting with alumni in similar fields or cities. In addition, our alumni network will be on-hand to personally meet and work with you on various leadership and career opportunities. Each Access Weekend will feature receptions, panels and workshops tailored to specific career paths and including alumni from around the world to personally advise and coach you.


Busineweek ranks the Tepper School's career services office #3 in the U.S., and the school's part-time MBA is ranked #3 overall and #1 in the Mid-Atlantic.  No other Top 20 MBA program offers an online option that compares to the Tepper School.


Career Opportunities Center

The Tepper School has a dedicated Career Opportunities Center (COC) to partner with you on career counseling for specific portions of your career development plan.

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