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Technology Leadership Track Curriculum


Prerequisites for the Track:  Undergraduate degree, major or concentration in IT, MIS, Computer Science, Computer Engineering or related fields, OR substantial work experience with IT, MIS or software development. These prerequisites are to ensure that students are capable of taking masters-level classes in the School of Computer Science.


Managing Software Development

Year 1 Mini 4


Information Security and Privacy

Year 2 Mini 1


Human-Computer Interaction for Technology Executives

Year 2 Mini 2


Mobile and Pervasive Computing Services

Year 2 Mini 3


Inventing the Future of Services

Year 2 Mini 1


Commercialization & Innovation Strategy

Year 2 Mini 1


Technology Leadership Project

Year 2 Spring

Technology Elective Requirements: In addition to the 5 required courses and capstone project, students in the track must enroll in the “Commercialization and Innovation Strategy” mini course. They must also complete 12 units of technology or entrepreneurial-centric courses, including at least one elective from the School of Computer Science. Track participants work with the faculty coordinators to select an appropriate sequence of electives based on the student’s background and career goals.

Students who have completed graduate-level work comparable to any of the core courses may, upon passing an exemption exam, select an alternative course. In addition to the core technical courses, students must complete 18 units of technology or entrepreneurship-centric courses, including at least one elective from the School of Computer Science and one Information Systems elective from the Tepper School of Business.

Curriculum is subject to change.

Faculty Coordinator

Norman Sadeh
Professor, School of Computer Science

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