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Marc & Sally Onetto Graduate Fellowship Fund

Marc (MSIA 1975) and Sally Onetto established the Onetto Graduate Fellowship Fund in 1999 to support graduate students in the Tepper School of Business. Mr. Onetto’s goal is to maintain a European presence in the diversity of the student body at the Tepper School and expand the educational opportunities available to European and French speaking students, so preference for this fellowship is awarded to students from the European Union, particularly France, and native French speakers.


Applicants must submit a one-page essay titled, "Why I Should Receive the Marc & Sally Onetto Graduate Fellowship."  Applicants are encouraged to submit their essay and release statement along with their admission application prior to May 7, 2013. Please forward the application materials via email to or fax them to 412-268-2904.


Marc A. Onetto (MSIA 1975) is senior vice president of worldwide operations and customer service at Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer. He’s an expert in the field of operations and supervises work, from supply chain management to transportation logistics, done by thousands of employees every day. His goal is to ensure that millions of transactions are properly filled, packaged, tracked, and shipped to consumers around the world.

Prior to joining Amazon in 2006, Mr. Onetto was executive vice president of worldwide operations for Solectron, a $10 billion global provider of electronics manufacturing and integrated supply-chain services to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). He joined Solectron after a 15-year career with G.E. during which he held several senior leadership positions at G.E. Medical Systems, including head of its global supply chain and operations, global quality, and global process engineering. Mr. Onetto was one of G.E.’s Six Sigma pioneers and spearheaded the quality culture transformation across G.E. Medical Systems. Marc was recognized for his contribution to GE by Jack Welch in his book on GE: “Jack straight from the guts”. Prior to G.E., Mr. Onetto spent 12 years with ExxonMobil Corporation. In recognition of his outstanding career achievements, Mr. Onetto was named “French-American Executive of the Year” by Chicago's French-American Chamber of Commerce in 2002.

In addition, Mr. Onetto is a generous philanthropist and active volunteer. He is an outstanding advocate for the Tepper School. Not only has he generously established a scholarship fund, but he has also been instrumental in strengthening Amazon’s recruiting relationship with the Tepper School, which has resulted in Amazon hiring more of our MBA students than any other corporation over the past several years. Mr. Onetto serves on the Tepper School’s Business Board of Advisors, and is a knight of the French National Order of Merit granted by the French Government to recognize is active contribution to Franco-American friendship and economic collaboration.

Mr. Onetto was born in Paris, France and earned a B.S. degree in Economics from the University of Lyon, France, an M.S. degree in Engineering from Ecole Centrale de Lyon, and an M.S. degree in Industrial Administration from Carnegie Mellon University.

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