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Tepper Alumni Network

One of the advantages of a small, close-knit student community is the post-graduation networking and accessibility it brings. Tepper alumni readily open doors for one another in companies spanning countries and industries.

Global networking is one distinct advantage of our size and scope. The Tepper alumni network has more than 30 worldwide chapters and impressive affinity groups ranging from Wall Street to the military. The school provides opportunities to stay in touch as well as ahead of business practice. Each week, chapters across the globe host alumni panels, faculty visits, student treks, and CEO presentations.

The Tepper Career Opportunities Center works alongside the school's Alumni Relations office to create unique opportunities for networking.



Recruiter Networking Events

This year, the Tepper Career Opportunities Center offered more than 80 corporate presentations and networking events in which recruiters visit the school to showcase their company as well as provide advice regarding the job search process. Presenters frequently include business school alumni from various levels in the company who speak about careers within the organization.

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