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ProsserDonald Prosser

MBA, 2011
Undergraduate Degree: Information Science
Hometown: Pittsburgh (Penn Hills), PA




Where I Live

Squirrel Hill - In an Apartment that I rent with two college friends. I can recommend anyone who rents (no more than) 1-5 homes. Other than that you are basically dealing w/ an answering service rather than a landlord.

Best Place To Eat

Depends what I'm in the mood for, but usually any place along Murray Ave or Forbes would be amazing. If I had to name a place I'd say Pamela's Diner for breakfast. Aiello's for Pizza. Del's in Bloomfield for a nicer Dinner/Sunday Brunch.

Best Off-Campus Activity

Favorite thing would be tailgating before any event. Pirate, Steeler, PITT, games.

Best Grocery Store

There's a little Italian one in Oakland that I like on Bates St. called Merante Grocery

Best Gym

At CMU and sometimes the Downtown YMCA in the building I work in.

My Recommendation

Eat N' Park. - All of them. Silky's in Squirrel Hill or Bloomfield. Pizza Perfecta in Shadyside.


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Donald MBA 2011 Prosser Prosser MY RECOMMENDATION: There's a little Italian grocery store in Oakland that I like on Bates St. called Merante Grocery