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Accelerated Master's Degree Programs

Qualified undergraduate economics majors have the opportunity to apply to the accelerated master's degree programs on campus.   These programs enable exceptional students to earn both an undergraduate degree and a master degree in five years. The Heinz School of Public Policy and Management offers two professional accelerated master's degree programs: a M.S.P.P.M. (Master of Science in Public Policy and Management) Accelerated Masters Program and a M.I.S.M. (Master of Information Systems Management). The Tepper School of Business offers professional masters degree, a M.B.A (Master in Business Administration). These programs are available only to current Carnegie Mellon students. Interested students should consult with their economics advisor at the beginning of their sophomore years. Students apply to AMPs during their junior year.

Master of Science in Public Policy and Management

"The Master of Science in Public Policy and Management (MSPPM) prepares students to advance the public interest by developing exceptional analytic, quantitative and technical skills. The program provides market-oriented training that is applicable to any policy field in the public, non-profit and private sectors. Students take core courses emphasizing analytic and quantitative tools, communication and management skills and how they interrelate with the field of public policy. Advanced coursework allows students to pursue an area of focus and provides the opportunity to integrate learning in a capstone Systems Synthesis project." (M.S.P.P.M. Homepage)

Master of Information System Management

"The Master of Information Systems Management degree program is designed for individuals who have demonstrated an ability to synthesize complex quantitative and qualitative concepts. It is a pragmatic, problem-solving oriented program that combines information technology practices with business practices. MISM is not a ‘teched-up' MBA." (Masters Programs in Information System Management homepage)

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