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At its most fundamental level, economics is the study of how scarce resources are allocated. What will be produced and consumed, how much, and by whom?  These questions, central to the well being of people throughout the world, are the focus of economics   Economists identify, model, and analyze problems, developing meaningful solutions for the challenges confronting society. Economists are also active participants in the processes and institutions through which the pressing concerns of society are addressed. Economists help businesses, political bodies, and other organizations make better decisions through the development of market strategies, the promulgation of regulatory structures, and the formulation of appropriate government policies.  Increasingly, economists are taking advantage of new technologies to design and implement new markets and exchange mechanisms.

The four major degree programs have been designed to provide students with a solid understanding of the central theories and analytical tools of the field of economics, while maintaining the flexibility necessary to meet the needs of diverse career paths. The four degrees produce strong analytical thinkers who are able to model and analyze complex problems. Focus is also paid to developing communication skills that allow students to convey complex ideas effectively to diverse audiences through mathematics, graphical presentations, and the written (and spoken) word. Graduates of the Undergraduate Economics Program gain employment in both the private and public sectors; pursue advanced professional degrees in business, law, and public policy; as well as enter into Ph.D. programs in economics, statistics, finance, and related fields.

The Undergraduate Economics Program is supported by both the Tepper School of Business and the Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences. Economics majors are considered members of both colleges and enjoy their full support and services. Through this unique arrangement, our students benefit from the best of the liberal arts and professional approaches to education.


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